Deportation and Removal

Once in the United States any non- citizens seeking immigration visa benefits must abide by rules and regulations; if they are broken they risk deportation and or denial of entry into the U.S. If the immigrant breaks the law, the department of homeland security will issue a “Notice to Appear” in court before an immigration judge. The Notice will have the name, country of birth, and birth date of the immigrant. It will also list the reason you are being asked to appear and the laws which they are accused of breaking. You will be notified of your rights and the consequences if you fail to appear on your scheduled court date.

Causes of deportation- There are many reasons why an immigration visa holder living in the U.S. may be ordered to leave the country. Some of the most common reasons for deportation are: sneaking into the U.S. illegally, entering the U.S. for a temporary reason and not leaving when the visa expires, or fraudulently becoming a citizen.

Aggravated Felonies- Any immigrant who has committed an aggravated felony, is in most cases denied citizenship, deported, and long- term banishment to the U.S. Examples of aggravated felonies are: rape, murder, drug trafficking, espionage, treason, and terrorist activities.

DUI & Permanent Residency- If a visa holder, including permanent residents is convicted of a DUI and sentenced to a year or more of jail time, may be subject to deportation etc. In most cases a DUI is considered am aggravated felony. Even if the person is not deported they can in some cases be denied citizenship.


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