Deportation Appeals

Immigrants who face deportation are notified by mail of their hearing date. At the hearing the immigrant will be given a chance to state their case and an immigration judge will determine if deportation will occur. There are many reasons why a person can be deported, please refer to Deportation and Removal (link). If you are planning to appeal a deportation it is important to have a good immigration lawyer. If the immigrant cannot afford representation they do not have the same rights to free government representation like citizens. If the immigrant fails to appear at the scheduled hearing they will lose the opportunity to state their case before a court for a minimum of ten years.

Voluntary Leave- A person who is in the country illegally can choose to leave voluntary and then re- enter the U.S. when they have the proper visa.

Reasons for stopping removal- an immigration judge can stop removal of an immigrant for certain reasons such as: the immigrant is a permanent resident who has not committed an arrivated felony. The immigrant has family and work connections, or is entitled to asylum (please refer to Applying for asylum and refugee status link).


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